Who would you want to be reborn as?

Kyuhyun: I have someone! I want to be Donghae-sshi
Leeteuk/Shindong: Why?
Kyuhyun: Because Donghae-sshi looks like he walked out from a manga.
Eunhyuk: You shouldn't say that.
Kyuhyun: There are really a lot of girls who like him.
Leeteuk: What part of Donghae-sshi is good?
Kyuhyun: His face.
Leeteuk: Just his face?
Kyuhyun: Take away everything except for his face -- just his face.
Leeteuk: Once more, if you could be reborn?
Kyuhyun: I want to be reborn with Donghae-sshi's face.
Leeteuk: If Donghae-sshi was a girl, would you date him?
Kyuhyun: If Donghae-sshi was a girl? If I was a girl, I would date Donghae-sshi.
Leeteuk: Oh, you really like him.